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Ariella Ferrera decides to bake some cookies for Santa before heading to bed, but every time she looks the cookies are gone! Turns out her naughty butler James has been eating all the cookies and when she catches him eating up her last batch, Ariella is furious. If James is that hungry, Ariella will give him something to eat….her wet pussy! While Ariella rides James’ face, Santa comes down the chimney, and he is starving! Since there are no more cookies left, Santa & James will have to share Ariella’s tight little holes.

Mikey wants to buy a bike from Monique Fuentes and was hoping to take it for a ride. Little did he know that she was about to let him take her for a ride instead. She starts out with giving awesome head and then Mikey rides that big ass. Who needs to haggle when fucking is on her mind!

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Shaped like an hourglass….so are the milfs of our lives. Im acquainted with this couple…Harry and Monnique. I met them at a local coffee shop when I was on the hunt one day. I was always attracted to Monnique so when she came running to me after catching her husband with the nanny in the middle of fucking…you know I had to move in for the kill and help her with some revenge. It was like I was trapped in a soap opera. As down and dirty and Monnique and I got I don’t think soap had anything to do with it. She sucked me off and fucked me hard just to spite her husband and pay him back for cheating on her. I hope they work things out now that I got what I wanted. Last thing I need is some crazy mom strung out on me and hurting my hunt.



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Brianna and Monique are chatting away when they notice the pool guy today is not the regular one and that he is really cute and has a big bulge in his pants! So Brianna and Monique decide that they both feel like getting some action so Brianna calls him in from his pool cleaning duties to help her with something in the house. When he finishes the job, they both confess that what they really needed was his big cock!

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